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Marinated 160z T-Bone Steak, cooked over charcoal grill.
Served with Side order of your choice.


Slow cooked Lamb Ribs with Potatoes


Four Lamb Chops Seasoned, Cooked Over Natural Oak Charcoal Grill. Served with Side Order of Your Choice.


Fried Breaded Chicken Served with Side Order


Fried Breaded Chicken Breast with Seasoning, Served with Side Order of Your Choice


Thin Sliced Beef Cooked with Sour Cream and Mushrooms, Served with Side Order of Your Choice.



33 - fried kornish

In garlick and seasoning with a choice of side.

31 - Turkish Liver

Veal Liver carefully cubed, Seasoned and floured, Fried over medium heat until golden brown. Garnished with sliced thin Red Onions and tossed with salt, chopped Italian parsley and vinegar.

29 - Jigar

Veal liver onions,red and greep peppers, Servied on flaming sizzling platter.

32 - Bahsh

Bukharian green rice plov, small veal cuts, rice, and cilantro

23 - plov

Rice plov with thin cut carrots and meat(lamb).